COLOR ME INSPIRED.This is an awesome photograph. Notice how the light blue of the shirt blends with the sky and the dark blue of the shirt blends with the water. Simply beautiful.
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COLOR ME INSPIRED.Beautiful cat eye.
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COLOR ME INSPIRED.Sheer and gold.
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COLOR ME INSPIRED.Hi low dress with sequined collar. I think it would look cute paired with a black fedora and black heels/booties!
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COLOR ME INSPIRED.Does anybody not love a good cat eye? …Anybody? yeah, didn’t think so!
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Sexy and sophisticated.


Rosie’s slim fitting blazer is sleek and sophisticated, even though she’s wearing nothing but a fine, long necklace with it. 

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COLOR ME INSPIRED.I’m really liking this look by Madewell! They’re all about polka dots this Spring and, of course, being playful and quirky! One of my favorite things about this ensemble is the pairing of the different greens, so cute—and I adore the sleeveless polka dot top!
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COLOR ME INSPIRED.Benedict Campbell Photography. “Hard Hat.”I came across this on Google the other day while researching fashion photography. I like the clarity of the image and the sense that a meaning lies behind what we see.

05.02.12 @ 11:232

COLOR ME INSPIRED.Egon Schiele. “Sitting Nude.” 1910.I used this as a master copy in my figure drawing homework for last week. I admire the use of color in this work.

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